Operation Policy

  1. Basic Operation Policy
  2. Users’ Rights and Obligations
  3. GM’s Responsibility
  4. Service Usage Restriction Policy
  5. Recovery Policy
  6. Service Personnel Human Rights Protection Policy

  1. Basic Operation Policy

1-1. The following policies supplement the provisions of the Terms of Use.

1-2. Mystic Messenger (“Game”) is a game that has been developed and serviced by Cheritz (“Company”) and is operated according to the following operation policies.

1-3. The game operating personnel(“GM”) may modify or delete detailed provisions of the Operation Policy in order to provide better service, and the modified contents will be released through the official Cheritz website (http://www.cheritz.com/) or will be announced through the announcements on the official social media accounts.

1-4. The details not included in the provisions of this Operation Policy may be processed based on the Cheritz Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, relevant domestic laws, or socially accepted norms.

  1. Users’ Rights and Obligations

2-1. Users may access and enjoy the contents of the game with no restrictions. However, the creations used in the game and the official social media channels are owned by the company, and unauthorized commercial use of these creations may result in legal liability. If you would like to report a case of copyright infringement, you may submit an inquiry through Cheritz Support (support@cheritz.com).

2-2. [Mystic Messenger] If a problem occurs while using the game, users may get help in solving the problem through [⚙Setting (icon) - Help - Contact Us] in the game and the Customer Center (https://helpdesk.rebotspro.com/?n=mysmeEN).

2-3. When users’ game service use is restricted, they can contact the Customer Center within 30 days since the beginning of restrictions to determine the reason for restrictions and request withdrawal of restrictions. However, please note that the data retention remains for 30 days, after which it is difficult to examine the details required to approve or deny users’ requests.

2-4. Users must not cause harm or inconvenience to other users or negatively affect the game environment, and for this purpose, they must cooperate with GM's request to the best of their abilities. Behaviors not in accordance with socially accepted norms, such as violating the operation policy or causing displeasure to the multitude of users, may lead to restrictions on service use according to regulations of the game. Even if there is a disadvantage in using the game during the period of restriction, users will not be able to receive the help needed from the GM.

2-5. Users must register correct information upon signing up to create a game account. GM cannot help with any damage caused by stealing other people’s information or registering false information, for which users will be held responsible for information theft.

① If users win an event hosted by GM with an account registered with someone else’s information, winning and rewards may be canceled.

② Rights such as game progress and items in the account registered with someone else's information are not claimable, and users cannot get help even if problems arise.

2-6. Users should not conduct account transactions to protect their personal information and game accounts, and users who violate this regulation may not be able to receive the help needed from GM for account problems.

2-7. Users should report any bugs in the game to GM through the Customer Center (https://helpdesk.rebotspro.com/?n=mysmeEN) or Cheritz Support (support@cheritz.com). If users abuse bugs or make the abuse of bugs public among other users, they may be restricted from the game service.

  1. GM’s Responsibility

3-1. GM does not provide benefits to select users in the game or disclose in advance any information apart from official announcements, such as game updates, events information, or development progress.

3-2. GM does not intervene in private disputes among users. However, if users use an illegal program and interfere with other users' appropriate use of the game, or if this causes any damage to an unspecified number of users beyond individual disputes, the users responsible for the damage will be warned about their behaviors or restricted from the service use.

3-3. GM manages in-game security to protect users’ privacy. In case of detection of theft or hacking attempts, GM may take required actions without prior notice to prevent loss of user accounts and data.

3-4. In addition to attending to the bugs reported to the Customer Center, GM strives to identify and fix bugs through regular inspections. In case a bug that causes inconvenience with the gameplay is found, the content with the error may be suspended, corrected, or deleted, and in such a case, users will be notified through the official social media channels.

3-5. In case of a situation that interferes with game operation and users’ appropriate use of the game other than the situations mentioned in the provisions above, GM will take appropriate measures in accordance with the Cheritz terms of use, privacy policy, relevant domestic laws, and socially accepted norms to ensure proper service.

  1. Service Usage Restriction Policy

4-1. GM may take appropriate action in accordance with the following policy for behaviors that interfere with the proper operation of the game.

4-2. The level of the restrictions on service use varies depending on the type of behavior. However, if users believe that the restrictions on service use have been unreasonable, they may request an investigation through [⚙Setting (icon) - Help - Contact US] or Cheritz Customer Support (support@cheritz.com). If it is determined that the restrictions on service use are unreasonable under the judgment of GM, the user restriction may be withdrawn.

4-3. All items, contents, etc. acquired in violation of the operation policy will be retrieved. Moreover, game data related to the violation may be initialized.

4-4. In case of violation of the operation policy and cause of irredeemable losses to the game and the company, GM may take legal action against the offender or related party.

4-5. The following is the definition of the terms for the standard of the restrictions on service use.

① Restriction of the game access : access to the game is restricted for the specified period.

② Restriction of the official homepage access : posts or comments on game-related channels (official webpage and official social media channels) are restricted.

4-6. Restrictions on service use may vary depending on the content violated, and the point during which the operation policy was deemed violated, thereby beginning the restrictions on service use, may also vary. If an account that has already been restricted from use receives additional restrictions, the contents of the previously received restrictions will not be changed, and they are maintained for the specified period.

4-7. Details of the restrictions on service use by violation of the operation policy are as the following:



Period of Restriction on Service Use


Cash Transactions

Permanent restriction on game service use

① In case of taking a certain amount of commercial profit in the name of commission by paying for in-game items as a proxy.

② In case of purchasing items through a third-party platform such as the one above instead of the official in-game shop.

Abuse of System Errors/Bugs

Permanent restriction on game service use

Retrieval of all the related game items and

initialization of the game contents data as possible

① In case of acquiring items and contents through abnormal use of system errors or bugs

- Acts of taking advantage of items, contents, etc. in the game from the point where the abnormality occurred

- Acquiring in-game items and contents in an abnormal way

- Continued abuse following the official notification from GM, through the game website, or in-game notice. upon the violation of operation policy

- Acts that take unfair advantage or negatively affect the use of other people’s gameplay, such as abuse of system errors and bugs and use of unauthorized third-party systems, including cases not mentioned above

② Making public or attempting to make public the methods that may exploit system errors or bugs

Production/Distribution of Illegal Programs

Permanent restriction on game service use

 ① Production, distribution, or sales of illegal programs

- Computer programs designed for the purpose of interfering with the proper operation of the game

- Programs that automatically repeat the input of specific actions and values

- Programs that manipulate certain values in the game

Usage of Illegal Programs

Permanent restriction on game service use

① In case of using or attempting to use an illegal program

② In case of detection of a game usage record that is out of the normal category

③ In case of detection through the security system provided by the company or the internal detection system

④ In case of using the items acquired through abnormal programs

5. Recovery Policy

5-1. If data is lost while using the game, users can request the Customer Center to investigate.

5-2. GM will do its best to recover the users’ data if the data is lost due to the reason attributable to the company.

5-3. If the lost data reported by the user cannot be verified, data recovery is not possible.

5-4. Users must request an investigation for the data recovery within 30 days of the data retention period from the date of the data loss. If users do not request an investigation within the period mentioned above, the data reported as lost cannot be verified, and recovery will not be possible.

5-5. Data lost due to a situation other than the technical error of the game itself cannot be recovered, including the following cases:

① A defect in the users’ device

② An unstable network

③ The users’ negligence or intentional data loss

④ Failure to check the operation policy or announcement of the game or game website (official Website, official Social Media, etc.)

5-6. If the account user is not verified as the person himself/herself/themselves, or if it is acknowledged that his/her/their negligence in managing the account led to data loss, such as sharing the account with the other users, the recovery service will not be provided.

6. Service Personnel Human Rights Protection Policy

6-1. Inquiries containing abusive language, such as profanity, may not be provided with appropriate service.

6-2. Acts that infringe upon the human rights of service personnel are as the following:

- Using words including profanity, sexual harassment, personal infringement, and threatening expressions in an inquiry to the Customer Center, through phone call or walk-in consultations

-  Using words or taking actions that violate socially accepted norms or that may directly or indirectly cause serious mental damage in an inquiry to the Customer Center, through phone call or walk-in consultations

Additional Rules 1

Effective starting from : 4th of January, 2022